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How a vision became reality

Parmbir Lally & Manjot Grewal are the two Co-Founders of "Abbotsford Arts Academy". These two young and passionate individuals are focused on displaying their love for art. Abby Arts was established in March of 2015. Since then Abby Arts has seen enormous growth in their Bhangra classes. Achieving a high level of success early on since the opening of the academy, Parmbir & Manjot have made it their mission to be able to offer classes in all sorts of genre of art, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and background. Today, they have students that have progressed at such an amazing rate. Abby Arts has been able to promote a hand full of students to the advanced level !

After being in business for nearly two years, Abby Arts is now taking things to the next level as they've just recently announced their expansion into Bollywood dance classes!

Parmbir Singh Lally & Manjot Singh Grewal
Co-Founders & Head Bhangra Instructors

Both our coaches have been involved with Bhangra since 2004. Finding Bhangra as a new passion, they decided to not only learn but to travel all over North America and represent Abbotsford at various Bhangra competitions. Together, our coaches have competed in over 50 competitions resulting in massive success as competitive dancers. Now, they're goal has become to create a new wave of success with the next generation of Abbotsford.

P: 778-808-3969 / 777-552-1021
Nancy Bhullar
Head Bollywood Instructor

Nancy Bhullar has been dancing since before she could walk. Her infusion of Eastern and Western styles helps her create masterful pieces of art that inspire the masses. From the dance room to the big stage, you'll never find a more beautiful and graceful dancer.

P: 778-808-3969 / 778-552-1021

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