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Abbotsford Arts Academy

Abbotsford Arts Academy was founded in 2015. We believe in taking responsibility to ensure the folk arts and folk literature of Punjab continue to flourish among Punjabis living in Canada.


AAA is the first and only academy of its kind in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley. Since opening our doors, we have been able to mentor hundreds of students of all ages. We are honoured to provide a platform to nurture our student’s talents while growing their passion for Punjabi culture. We offer Bhangra, Giddha, Dhol, and Bollywood classes to students of all ages and backgrounds—we believe the lessons learned and community connection formed through arts is invaluable and should be available to everyone.


We are proud of the progress and reputation AAA has been able to build. We have been providing mentorship and shaping the next generation of leaders through our various classes. AAA students have performed on the international stage across North America. In addition, we have had the opportunity to represent the Punjabi and Indo-Canadian community while working alongside amazing organizations right here in BC.

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